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Current Alternators

Current alternators are rotating electrical machines that allow to transform the mechanical energy produced by a motor, in the form of alternating current, taking advantage of the phenomenon of magnetic induction. The alternator consists of a rotor and a stator. In our extensive catalogue you can find the necessary alternators to meet your needs also thanks to the help of our practical filters.
The current alternators we have on sale can be portable or industrial 1500 rpm (1800 rpm if 50 Hz) or 3000 rpm (3600 rpm if 60 Hz). Choose from the current alternators on sale the one suitable for you according to the power and type of phase (single phase, three phase, single/three phase) that your motor supplies. These alternators are also available at low voltage (24 V or 48 V), with or without brushes and with a voltage regulator, the latter is necessary to stabilize the voltage and alternating current of the alternator connected to your most sensitive devices such as your computer, smartphone or other household appliances. Once you have chosen these parameters, all you have to do is select the type of coupling your motor is equipped with so that you can connect the alternator to your motor.
We have selected the best brands on the market such as Mecc Alte, Sincro, Linz Electric, Nsm, Beltrame, which guarantee reliable, quality and excellent value for money products. If you are interested in other brands like Stamford and Magneti Marelli contact us, we will talk about them together!
It is no coincidence that the current alternators on sale in our catalogue have been chosen for the design of the best power generators on the world market.

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