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Initially small objects are produced for the home, from the simplest such as watering cans, chests, umbrella stands, buckets, bins, bins, braziers, bottle racks, drip trays, foot cleaners to the most elaborate such as patented ovens, sinks, hoods.

With the economic boom of 1962 the Italian economy grew, and so did consumption. Also in Moscatelli the production evolves: the first modular kitchens, base cabinets and wall units in steel and plastic laminate are born.

The housewares produced so far in Moscatelli discover the world of leisure time and become foldable, smaller, easy to transport.
After the boom of the 60s, after the landing of man on the Moon, the idea of travel and escape comes to everyone. And the vacation becomes a real need. Camping, in Italy, is not so much a question of eco-sustainable mentality (as it will become in the Nordic countries) as the possibility of movement at very low costs: a fun vacation for children and at an affordable budget.
Moscatelli turns its production from home furniture to foldable and transportable camping cabinets.

The electronic line is born: solar panels, inverters and batteries, cameras and parking sensors, TV and antennas, from 2013 also GPS navigation systems.