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The blowers are used to keep your garden clean and tidy, accumulating the leaves in places where they can then be collected.
Blowers are available both with bandage motor and electric cordless, powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Leaf Blower with petrol engine

The blower in our portable range has the advantage of counting on the unbeatable Honda GX25 engine, capable of making the many gardening jobs easy within reach of these tools.
A blower is designed to do one and the same job. The blower, thanks to a powerful and precise air flow, allows you to stack leaves and mowings that can then be collected and composted. It is the ideal solution to keep gardens, parks, stadiums and streets tidy and clean all year round.
Honda's lightweight blower is the first of its kind to have a powerful and efficient 4-stroke engine that delivers a clean, quiet and environmentally friendly performance. But the great news don't stop there: thanks to features like the air flow speed regulator, the Honda blower makes your job easier.

Cordless leaf blower lithium battery powered

Honda engineers have carefully studied the ergonomics of the new cordless leaf blower, creating a model that is perfectly balanced when in operation. To achieve this, the weight has been distributed so that the blower naturally tends to point downwards, making it more comfortable to use. Even the toughest jobs during the winter months will be completed in a breath!

Original Honda parts are also available. Please contact us for more information.


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  • Special price 286,06 € +IVA List price 372,95 € +IVA
    286,06 € +IVA List price
    Acoustic power 99 dB(A)
    Dry weight (Kg) 2.8
    Maximum air speed (m/s) 66
    Product type Leaf Blower

    Product Type: Leaf BlowerAutonomy with 4.0 Ah battery (minutes): 12Autonomy with 6.0 Ah battery (minutes): 18Autonomy with 9.0 Ah battery (minutes): 27Weathering resistance: IPX4Air flow (m/sec): 860 with fan nozzleMaximum wind speed (m/sec): 66 with fan nozzleNoise dB(A): 99Weight of tool without accessories (kg): 2.7Other features: Battery belt

    List price 372,95 €
  • 416,95 €
    Special price 341,76 € +IVA List price 403,28 € +IVA
    341,76 € +IVA List price
    Fuel Gasoline
    Engine GX25T
    Engine rpm (rpm) 7000
    Ignition Recoil
    Starting system Manual
    Engine capacity (cm³) 25
    Oil capacity (L) 0.08
    Net power (kW) 0.72
    Air flow (m³/h) 600
    Fuel tank capacity (L) 0.58
    Acoustic power 102 dB(A)
    Length (mm) 335
    Width (mm) 265
    Height (mm) 370
    Dry weight (Kg) 4.5
    Maximum air speed (m/s) 70
    Setting air flow Yes
    Engine manufacturer Honda

    Engine: Honda GX25T, OHC, 4-strokeFuel: GasolineAir flow: 600 m³/hMaximum air flow speed: 70 m/sNoise level: 102 dB(A)Length: 335 mmWidth: 265 mmHeight: 370 mmDry weight: 4.5 Kg

    List price 403,28 €

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items