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Accessories for Portable Travel Refrigerators | Man.El.Service


Accessories and spare parts for sale for portable refrigerators of any power and manufacturer: DOMETIC, COOLMATIC, VITRIFRIGO.
Some accessories can be purchased only together with the refrigerator for camper and boat because they are customizations mounted during production, while the others can also be purchased separately or ordered as spare parts. These accessories are available for all the different types of chiller on our website: portable chillers, refrigerators for camper, boat, drawer, compressor, icebox and freezer.
When you order a spare part, it is better to also provide the serial number of your portable refrigerator: in fact, spare parts may vary depending on the year and production lot.
In this section you can find:
- Portable lithium batteries: very useful accessories to increase the autonomy of your refrigerator, they are very light and therefore suitable for long excursions and outdoor camping;
- Portable refrigerators supports: accessories to better install refrigerators;
- Additional grills: excellent accessories to better organize the space of your refrigerators;
- Ventilation grills: accessories available for many portable refrigerators;
- Mounting kits and frames: accessories for installing portable refrigerators in your motorhome or boat;
- Mounting plates;
- Roof ventilation;
- Wireless display: accessories to better control the functionality of your portable refrigerator;
- Battery ignition kit;
- Shelves, trays and additional egg holders for refrigerator doors;
- Spare activated carbon filters: please check the compatibility of these spare parts with your cooler;

For your comfort, these spare parts and accessories are almost all already combined with the portable refrigerators that support them.
We are at your disposal for many other spare parts: please contact us indicating the part you are interested in replacing, the model of portable refrigerator and its serial number.