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90,00 € - 315,00 €


Accessories and spare parts for brushcutters, suitable to complete, customize or repair your equipment.
The brushcutter items in this section are sometimes only available if ordered together with the reference product, please check before purchase.
Accessories and spare parts for original Honda brushcutters; a large section is dedicated to accessories for HONDA VERSATOOL multi-purpose garden tools.

Lithium Ion batteries for Honda cordless
The lithium ion batteries for the cordless line: available both as accessories and spare parts, these batteries are universal for all HONDA cordless brushcutters as well as the entire wireless garden line.
These accessories are available in 3 powers: 4 Ah, 6 Ah, 9 Ah.

Accessories Honda Versatool
Versatool is designed to take care of a huge variety of gardening operations. Thanks to the possibility of using as many as eight different accessories, it represents the total solution for any garden care need.

The name Versatool comes from the clever combination of the words "versatile" and "tool", but the machine itself offers much more than any name you might think of. Its range of ingenious tools has been designed to meet every need, from growing vegetable gardens to shaping bushes, all powered by a single Honda engine.

The intuitive design and safety features that make the Versatool so easy to use are the result of long and thorough consideration. In fact, it is made with the same quality as all our tools.
These are the accessories that can be combined with the system:
- Hedge trimmer;
- Pruner;
- Brushcutter head, accessories available in both wire and metal with three blades;
- Aerator;
- Cutter;
- Adjustable extensions.

For your comfort, these spare parts and accessories are almost all already combined with the brushcutters that support them.
We are at your disposal for many other spare parts: contact us indicating the part you are interested in replacing, the model of brushcutter and its serial number.