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CGM offers a wide range of generators 50Hz and 60HZ.
It is specialized in the production of generators from 1 to 2000KVA (with petrol, diesel and methane/LPG engines), light towers, generator sets for tractor attachment and special transporters.
These are the main products proposed by CGM

with air cooling.
These items are mainly intended for use in homes, walking facilities, caravans, campsites and other occasions dedicated to various hobbies. They are silent, easy to use and provide alternating current equal to 230V single-phase or 400V three-phase + N - 50Hz. The gasoline generators with air cooling 3000 rpm are built with Honda and Briggs & Stratton 4-stroke engine, gasoline 3000 rpm. They start to tear off with recoil starter or electrically with key and battery.
The distribution board is made with 5.5KVA sockets that comply with current EEC standards. There are also a switch and voltmeter that allow operation beyond the power indicated above.
It is also possible to fit out machines with natural gas or LPG kits.

with water or air cooling.
They have Lombardini diesel engines and are equipped with electric starting with key and battery. They have a 400 volt three-phase alternator with accessible neutral or 230 volt single-phase - 50Hz mounted on a base frame. The electrical panel for the manual control is fixed on the group and is equipped with a thermal-magnetic protection switch and voltmeter (excluding 5KVA), 2 sockets that comply with EEC standards, a starting key and a warning light.
The main applications of these 3000 rpm diesel generators are isolated houses, camping sites, mountain huts, small construction sites, restaurants, livestock farms, craft industries, sports centres, service stations and others. They can be used in emergency conditions not continuously.
On request, we can supply automatic switchboards, towing trolleys, protection hoods, soundproof hoods, various motors and special equipment.

with water cooling.
These items have Lombardini, Kohler, Perkins, Fpt, Doosan, Deutz and Volvo diesel engines.
They are electrically powered by a battery, can be coupled by means of a bell and a reed valve, and are mounted on a fixed base with anti-vibration mounts. The fuel tank is incorporated in the base.
The electrical panel for manual control is fixed on the unit and is equipped with a protection magnetothermic switch, voltmeter, one or three ammeters (depending on the power), meter, frequency meter, starting key, optical signal for low oil pressure and high water temperature, battery charger, minimum fuel level, automatic stop in case of anomalies, socket or terminal board use.
On request we can supply automatic switchboards, slow or fast towing trolleys (to be registered), protection hoods, soundproofed hoods and special fittings.

with water cooling.
The engines of these generators are powered by natural gas or LPG, to respect the environment and save on operating costs by reducing consumption.
The methane/LPG 1500 rpm generators are characterized by low noise and do not have a fuel tank as they can be connected to the public network.
They are practical to use and we guarantee their reliability.
When required, we build these generating sets with automatic switchboards, slow or fast towing trolleys, protective hoods, soundproofed hoods and special fittings.

They are compact, easy to use and complete with a 3-point coupling to be fixed to any tractor.
For the transmission, a cardan joint is required to be applied between the tractor's power take-off and the group's multiplier.
The manual control panel is fixed on the unit and is complete with differential protection magnetothermic switch, voltmeter, 2 CEE sockets.
When requested by the customers we supply ammeter, frequency meter, trolley for slow towing, version in IP44 and AVR.

These items are safe and reliable lighting units. They can illuminate construction sites and sporting events, mines and quarries. The light towers are also used in the military and in case of emergency such as weather events or other.
The models of light towers vary according to the engine, the power of the generator and their structure: we build machines from 5 to 10KVA with petrol or diesel engines, at 3000 or 1500 rpm, with 4 or 6 lights and from 400W to 1000W. The telescopic rods range from 5.5 to 9 meters.
We also build models of lighthouse tower of higher power.