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Sale of Accessories and Spare Parts for Alternators | Man.El.Service


Accessories and spare parts for alternators available for all major manufacturers worldwide: MECC ALTE, LINZ ELECTRIC, SINCRO, NSM, BELTRAME, STAMFORD (on request), LEROY SOMER (on request), MARELLI (on request).
The accessories and spare parts in this section can in some cases be requested only together with the alternator because they must be installed during production, most of them can also be ordered separately.
You can check the accessories and spare parts suitable for your product also by going directly to the product page; for spare parts it is also necessary to specify the serial number of the alternator itself, to verify year and production lot.
In this section you can find:
- alternator socket boards: sold as accessories in production or as spare parts, they are equipped with SCHUKO sockets, 230V or 400V depending on the model;
- blind sockets: available only as accessories to be mounted in production, they are used when no sockets are needed in the alternator output;
- battery charger: available 12V or 24V depending on the alternator model, accessory to be mounted in production, cannot be sold separately;
- thermal and magnetothermal, voltmeters and hour meters: tools necessary to have a better view of the performance of your alternator, are available both as accessories and spare parts, depending on the model;
- permanent magnets or PMG: accessories to be ordered in production, drastically reduce starting problems after periods of inactivity;
- thermal protectors for windings or bearings: accessories to be ordered during production, available only for industrial current alternators;
- anti-condensation heaters;
- parallel devices;
- voltage regulators: accessories that can be ordered during production or also sold as spare parts in this section;
- polybutadiene resin: a particular type of impregnation, to make the current alternator suitable for nautical use;
- impregnation: water and scratch-resistant coatings on the rotor and stator: be careful, higher impregnations reduce the power output of the current alternator by 5% to 10%;
- speed increasers: accessories that can also be sold separately, make your alternator suitable for connection to tractors;
- radio interference filters
Our staff is also available for out of catalogue requests.