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Pipes / Exhaust pipes / Fittings

Pipes, mufflers and fittings can satisfy all requirements; depending on the material and composition, pipes or fittings can be connected to the exhaust of generating sets (mufflers), pumps and motor pumps, compressors and painters.

Pipes and hoses
Suitable to be connected to liquid pumping systems, the pipes and hoses are made of different materials depending on the material treated: pipes and hoses for irrigation cloth, delivery pipes, suction pipes.

Fittings and valves
To connect the pipes to the equipment you often need to use the appropriate fittings, for your convenience you will also find them combined with the products to which they fit.

Exhaust gas ducting hoses
The muffler pipes are used to bring the exhaust of a generator set outside the building or motorhome where it is installed: the flexible muffler pipes can be made of galvanized metal or stainless steel and could be curved to better channel the exhaust smoke. They have a diameter ranging from 15 mm to 250 mm and are sold by the metre, in some cases with a minimum order.
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