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Lighting system - Lightglobes and Lighting Towers | Manelservice

Lighting towers and systems

Lighting towers, lamps and lightglobe are the best night lighting systems and are indispensable when there is no light. Lighting systems such as lighting towers, lamps and lightglobe are perfect for events, sports events, construction sites and can be of varying sizes. In our catalogue we have available for sale the lighting towers, lamps and ligthglobe of the best brands in the world with innovative products at the best price on the market.
The lighting towers are widely used at night and especially in construction sites, sports facilities, events, industries, civil protection, military.
These lighting towers can have a maximum height up to 10 meters, have from 1 to 8 LED, metal halide or halogen lamps (no longer saleable in the EU); the lighting towers can have a fixed structure with adjustable and removable tripods and stabilizers or be part of a mobile system with a towing trolley and a power generator. The opening system of the lighting towers can be with manual lifting (with winch or pump) or with hydraulic lifting.
The lightglobe, also called illuminating balloons, are extremely light and easy to handle, ideal to guarantee light at night in construction sites, events and photographic and cinematographic filming. They are very easy to open and store and easy to transport. The lightglobe on sale in our catalogue are also available with LED lamps.
LED lamps instead are portable lamps for professional use and are perfect allies in jobs where the light must be optimal, but also quickly modifiable. These lamps are easy to handle due to their low weight and compactness. In addition, LED technology makes the lighting of these lamps optimal in every direction.
Some of these torches are integrated with generator sets so that they can supply power to other devices in the vicinity in addition to the torches themselves.
Do you need advice on which lighting system or tower to choose? Contact us, our customer service is ready to advise you on the right product!