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Accessories and spare parts for sale for marine generators of any power and manufacturer: FISCHER PANDA, ONAN, SICES S.R.L., KOHLER, COELMO, DOMETIC, MASE, VOLPI TECNO ENERGIA.
Some accessories can be purchased only together with the marine generator set because they are customizations mounted during production, while the others can be purchased separately or ordered as spare parts.
When you order a spare part it is better to supply also the serial number of your marine generator: in fact the spare parts can vary according to the year and the production lot.
In this section you can find:
- Connecting pipes and flexible silencers: accessories made of high temperature resistant material, may be necessary during the installation phase of the marine power generator;
- Mufflers and separator kits: accessories useful to reduce noise and emissions;
- Installation kits: accessories containing everything you need to install your marine generator;
- Silenced cabins: accessory often included in the price, sometimes sold separately for larger marine generators;
- Maintenance Kit: every 300 hours of operation it is advisable to perform routine maintenance of your marine generator set. Thanks to this accessory you have all the spare parts you need to do it;
- Additional muffler kit: accessory to be mounted during installation, to increase the silence of your generator;
- Insulated poles kit;
- Remote start panels: accessories available in analog or digital version to start the marine genset remotely;
- Fuel pumps and taps for petrol delivery;
- Remote starter panels: accessories available in both analogue and digital versions;
- Water and exhaust gas separators;
- Antisiphons, valves and filtering kit;
- Control panels;
- R.I.N.A. homologation: the most recognized certification worldwide, necessary in some nautical installations.

For your comfort, these spare parts and accessories are almost all already combined with the marine generators that support them.
We are at your disposal for many other spare parts: contact us indicating the part you are interested in replacing, the model of generator and its serial number.