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Can be used all year round

With the EFOY COMFORT, you have a reliable electricity supply when you are on the road or at sea. Whether you are under a shady tree or in a lonely cove. Irrespective of the weather and all year round - even at sub-zero temperatures!


When the EFOY COMFORT is installed as recommended, you will almost hear nothing. Our developed insulation and the sound damping system ensure quiet operation. Enjoy the peace and silence!

Fully automatic and maintenance-free

Your EFOY COMFORT supplies electricity as soon as all connections are properly made. All you have to do is to make sure that fuel is always supplied. You do not even need to clean or maintain the EFOY COMFORT. It does not get any more convenient than this!

Efoy Comfort


The EFOY COMFORT is economical in use and extremely eco-friendly!

Lightweight and compact

Whether it is in the rear storage compartment, the side compartment or under the seats, your EFOY dealer will always help you find the right place for your EFOY COMFORT. It is so easy thanks to the compact design and low weight. Many mobile home manufacturers already supply the EFOY COMFORT from the factory. Look for vehicles with EFOY Inside and EFOY Ready symbols.

Comparison to a solar panel

Over the period of one year, EFOY COMFORT provides 3 to 10 times as much electricity as a solar system with the same power rating. To produce the same amount of electricity as an EFOY COMFORT 80 (40 W) with solar power, depending on the country and time of year, you would need a solar system with an output of between 120 and 400 Wp.