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Nautical lighting

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Nautical lighting systems

The lighting nautical commonly placed on the hull in the stern area to illuminate the underwater world, the light is transmitted back from the water creating a very unique halo around the boat for a very welcoming atmosphere and making the boat look better finished. 

The nautical lighting systems provided by Manel Service can satisfy the most discerning tastes thanks to the many variations of color, shape and technical characteristics.

The nautical lighting systems ensure a greater safety at sea, especially during the night navigation, these systems have low consumption and allow you to take advantage of more autonomy, avoiding sudden interruptions of electricity.

Because the light is reflected from the water and not direct, the light does not disturb the view, on the contrary it increases the perception of what is around the boat and of the bottom. For example, in the roadstead we can better monitor if the boat is close to shoals, or while sailing we can notice possible obstacles beforehand.

In contrast, in the harbor we can have a better illumination of the area around the gangway, allowing a safer entry on board.