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Dust fighters


The Dust Fighters have the purpose of solving in the most efficient way the problem of the abatement of the volatile dusts in all the environments where it is necessary to contain the emission of dust in the atmosphere.

Dust Fighters create a climatically controlled area with the purpose of bringing to the ground the dusts that are purely siliceous or in any case of rocky origin, creating at the same time a humid layer, but without the establishment of runoff, which prevents them from rising during the passage of heavy vehicles.

The advantages of Dust Fighters are twofold, involving the primary aspect of safeguarding the health of workers engaged in the work and users of the area, but also to safeguard the mechanical efficiency of construction vehicles, drastically reducing downtime for cleaning air filters and failures of the transmission components, often subject to abnormal wear due to the accumulation of particulate material in mechanically sensitive areas such as constant velocity joints and ball bearings, as well as hydraulic rods.