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Crawler Trolleys

Honda crawler trucks for sale, are an effective solution for transporting heavy materials while saving time and effort. Honda crawler trucks make your work easier and make transportation more simple and safe. Moreover, in reducing injuries, tracked trucks also take a burden off you. The tracked trucks for sale in our catalog are durable and reliable and are powered by petrol. Ideal for use by workers in construction, agriculture, and emergency services, the tracked carts for sale are suitable for a whole range of activities that require moving heavy materials. The tracked forklifts are also perfect for applications on unstable or steep terrain and are distinguished by great maneuverability with a turning radius of 71 cm, plus the tread minimizes damage to the ground, an important aspect when used on lawns and gardens. Equipped with the professional Honda GX/V160 engine, the tracked trucks provide constant power and high torque with loads up to 500 kg - moving such volumes by hand would require you to make exhausting and numerous trips. The innovative hydrostatic control system is fitted exclusively to the HP 500 tracked forklift and allows you to work at your own pace. The platform of these crawler trucks not only carries the heavy material to its destination, it also tilts and deposits the payload on the ground: all you have to do is release the catch and tilt the width-adjustable platform. This feature allows you to easily deposit the load on the ground without having to lift the machine.
We have selected for you the Honda as the leading brand in the industry and in particular its top of the range product: the tracked trailer HP 500 with tippable body and hydraulic pantograph lift.