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Founded in 1948, Honda Motor Company Ltd is the world's first vehicle manufacturer. It produces motorcycles, scooters, cars, outboard engines, garden-agri-industry products and airplanes for private transport, with the aim of providing high quality products at an affordable price, using the most advanced technologies, to continue to be a company that "society wants it to exist". Through the humanoid robot Asimo and other cutting-edge technological applications, Honda is active in the robotics sector at the highest level. It is also officially involved in all major world motorsport competitions.

Honda has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, with 70 factories in 27 countries and over 180,000 employees, to the satisfaction of 28 million customers every year. Honda's commitment to the environment is to reduce CO2 emissions by 30% by 2020, inspired by the long-term strategy "Road to Emission Zero". Honda invests more than 5% of its global turnover in Research and Development, pursuing the highest standards of passive safety, active safety and training, in order to ensure the well-being of customers and society. In Italy, Honda is present with its commercial branch in Rome (Honda Motor Europe Ltd. Italy), with its Sales, Aftersales, Business Planning and Business Communication departments, and its production plant in Atessa-Chieti (Honda Italia Industriale S.p.A.). The Rome office also houses, in one wing of the building, the Italian division of Honda R&D, which studies and develops the company's future products (motorcycles and scooters).