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Unimec S.r.l., an Italian company specializing in power transmission systems, offers tracked minitransporters as part of its product line. Unimec tracked minitransporters are designed to carry heavy loads over rough terrain, with their tracked chassis offering better traction and stability than traditional wheeled vehicles.

Unimec tracked minitransporters are available in various sizes and models, with different load capacities and features. Some models are equipped with hydraulic unloading mechanisms, making it easier to unload the transported material at its destination, while others have a rotating platform that allows the load to be unloaded in any direction.

In addition to standard models, Unimec also offers customized solutions for customers' specific needs. Customers can work with Unimec's engineering team to design and build a tracked minitransporter that meets their specific needs.

In general, Unimec's tracked minitransporters are ideal for use in construction, landscaping, agriculture and other industries where heavy loads need to be transported over difficult terrain.