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BA.M.E., synonymous with excellence in the field of the electric motor, began its journey in 1972 under the visionary leadership of its founder, Bruno Bartolomei. Specializing in the selection and import of high-quality electric motors for the domestic market, BA.M.E. distinguished itself with its keen attention to advanced customizations of the onboard electric framework. The company identified and tapped into the untapped potential of the single-phase motor, asserting itself as a pioneer in an industry where many viewed this technology as secondary.

As the industry evolved and demand grew, BA.M.E. expanded its offerings, initiating its own distinctive electric motor production. This bold move allowed the company to reach foreign markets, solidifying its global presence. BA.M.E.'s holistic approach to manufacturing, combined with unwavering attention to detail and production processes, reflects the company's dedication to quality and excellence, always ensuring customer satisfaction.

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