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Schenker Desalinators & Accessories

Schenker is an Italian manufacturer of desalinators (also known as watermakers) based on their patented Energy Recovery System. The Energy Recovery System amplifies the pressure of low-pressure pumps, recovers hydraulic return energy, and reduces electricity consumption by up to 80%. The brand continually invests in research and development, with expertise in watermakers since 1998. Manel Service is an authorised dealer of Schenker products and we offer all 3 models of Schenker watermakers:

  • Zen: Schenker Zen watermakers have very few external components like fittings, pipes and valves. They’re designed to be compact and fit into tight spaces, with the possibility to be installed horizontally as well as vertically. This patented line keeps electricity consumption to a minimum and is available in capacities as follows: 30, 50, 100, 150 litres per hour
  • Smart: Schenker Smart desalinators are the solution for those who require essential systems based on single membranes. The basic design makes it straight forward to carry out inspection and maintenance of the components. At Manel Service, you can find Schenker Smart desalinators with the following capacities: 30, 60, 80, 100 litres per hour
  • Modular: Schenker Modular watermakers are very compact and based on split membranes. They offer the greatest choice of output ranges to satisfy all needs: 35, 60, 100, 150, 230, 300, 500 litres per hour

Why buy a desalinator?

  • More independence: Without a desalinator, you have no choice but to return to a port to get water. However, if you don’t have to worry about docking to get water, you are left free to plan your cruise without stopping, making you more independent.
  • More room for the important things: Since you’re not carrying fresh water tanks, you are saving a lot of space and weight, thereby improving the displacement and performance of the boat. To bring some perspective, the average modern desalinator weighs about 30kg or about 66 pounds, which could serve about 5-6 people. 
  • Energy Savings: The energy-saving desalinators consume minimal electricity and don’t necessarily require a generator. Modern watermakers also last long with minimal maintenance, meaning greater return on investment over time and practically a lifetime supply of fresh water.
  • More peace of mind: With water supply from storage tanks, one needs to calculate and regulate the amount of water they consume daily. With a watermaker, however, that’s out of the picture. Take that dip in the sea with peace of mind as you can always take a nice long freshwater shower as often and for as long as you like!
  • Environmentally Friendly: Having a desalinator eliminates the need to travel with lots of plastic water bottles. Water is produced through reverse osmosis by desalinators, making it of the purest quality and perfectly drinkable.

Which Schenker watermaker should you get?

The right watermaker is one that will produce the daily fresh water requirement of everyone on the boat in 3-4 operating hours. There are two factors worth considering here:

  1. The number of people onboard
  2. The type of boat

A sailing boat has a daily requirement of 30-40 litres a day and a power boat or catamaran requires about 50-60 litres a day. A watermaker with a capacity of 50-60 litres per hour is ideal for catering to a sailing boat with a crew of 5 people.

Schenker desalinators are excellently efficient in water and power consumption. For example, only 240 watts are needed to produce 60 litres/hour of fresh water. This operation makes it possible to use normal engine charging and, at the same time, replenish the energy consumed, without needing to use a generator set.

Schenker desalinators are built to last.Desalinators are subject to very hostile environments with seawater, bacteria and microplastics. Schenker products are built with carbon fibre or acetyl resin that therefore render their watermakers corrosion free and long-lasting.

Complete your desalination experience with Accessories. At Manel Service, you will also find a complete offering of supplementary Schenker accessories that give you an all-rounded experience with your desalinators and water purification tools.

Schenker also guarantees customers excellent service 365 days a year and provides simple and reliable eco-sustainable solutions for water production.