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Accessories and spare parts for Lighting Towers |Man.El.Service


Accessories and spare parts for light towers and site lighting available in our catalog, from the best manufacturers: AIRSTAR, MASE GENERATORS, MOSA, PRAMAC, TECNOGEN, WFM, SCANGRIP.
Please note that some of these accessories can be ordered only during the production of the product, some spare parts for building site lighting equipment require the serial number of the machine to match the year and the production lot.
Here is a list of accessories and spare parts for your illumination equipment that you can find in this section:
- Telescopic pole for lighting balloons (lightglobe): accessory to use lightglobes even when there is no pole or fixed support to fix them;
- Spare lights: LED or halogen, these accessories are used to customize your light tower when ordering, but can also be ordered as spare parts when needed. In this case you will need the serial number of your equipment in order to check its compatibility. Please note: halogen headlights can only be sold in Europe as spare parts;
- Headlight tower hydraulic lift poles: accessory to be sharpened in production, to bring the lift from manual to hydraulic;
- Remote control: a very useful accessory to remotely adjust your construction site lighting equipment;
- Compressor: accessory necessary for the pneumatic lift of the lighting tower;
- Lampholder tripods: accessory suitable for the SCANGRIP range of LED construction site lamps;
- Slow towing trolleys: to easily transport your lighting tower with generator wherever you need it;
- Homologable road towing trolleys: very appreciated accessories, for rental use, for road construction sites, for civil protection. It allows the transport of your light tower on the road.
You can also check from the single light tower for construction site, which accessories can be combined with them.
For spare parts, however, you must provide us with the model and serial number.