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Accessories and spare parts for lawnmowers, suitable to complete, customize or repair your equipment.
The lawnmower items in this section are sometimes available only if ordered together with the reference product, please check before purchase.
Original Honda lawn mower accessories and spare parts.

Cordless Honda Lithium Ion Batteries
The lithium ion batteries for the cordless line: available both as accessories and spare parts, these batteries are universal for all HONDA cordless lawnmowers as well as the entire wireless garden line.
These accessories are available in 3 powers: 4 Ah, 6 Ah, 9 Ah.

Accessories for Mulching functionality of lawnmowers:
Some lawnmowers support mulching by means of a special accessory, which can also be purchased separately.
What is mulching?

It is an approach that is especially appreciated because it saves a lot of time and also operational benefits, provided you use it correctly.
Mulching requires grass cutters equipped with accessories with special blades and cutting chambers with special conformation, which allow the cut grass to remain in suspension inside the chamber for the time necessary for its shredding and is distributed on the turf where it decomposes quickly without creating clumps on the lawn surface.
In order to avoid the undesired formation of felt on the lawn, it is essential to carry out mulching on dry grass, otherwise the humidity causes the residues to agglomerate, which can also become hotbeds of fungal infections.

Other very important aspects are the height and frequency of the cut: according to the technical indications of some manufacturers, a maximum of one third of the total grass height should be removed and it is advisable to avoid letting the grass grow too much between cuts to avoid increasing the mass of residues that are released on the lawn. Therefore, mulching must be frequent and carried out in suitable periods: in autumn temperatures hardly allow the correct degradation of residues and in the wetter areas the risk of widespread rot on the turf becomes high.

For your comfort, these spare parts and accessories are almost all already combined with the lawn mowers that support them.
We are at your disposal for many other spare parts: please contact us indicating the part you are interested in replacing, the brushcutter model and its serial number.