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45,00 € - 7.035,00 €

Fischer Panda generators are the ideal choice for both leisure and professional boating. Unrivalled for reliability and durability making them the factory choice for customers all over the world.

The generators are small, light, quiet and very efficient. 

They are housed in a sound-insulated capsule which minimises noise and vibration during operation. In addition, our generators are compactly constructed so that they only require a small amount of space for their installation on board a boat or a truck.

The generators supply power to electrical systems on board, electric drives and complete mobile energy systems as well as diving compressors and air conditioning systems. The Fischer Panda product range includes over 200 different generators from 2.5 kW up to 200 kW. Panda i-Series generators with inverter technology are particularly interesting.
Thanks to their proven variable speed control exhaust emissions and fuel consumption of this model are considerably low..