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Sale and Shipping of Accessories and Spare Parts for Generating Sets


Accessories and spare parts for sale for land-based generators of any power and manufacturer.
Some accessories can be purchased only together with the genset because they are customizations mounted during production, while the others can also be purchased separately or ordered as spare parts.
When you order a spare part it is better to supply also the serial number of your genset: in fact the spare parts could vary according to the year and the production lot.
In this section you can find:
- Mains-group switchboards: they could be combined with generator sets with manual control unit, they are to be dimensioned according to the power of the current generator and the mains: ATS switchboards (automatic tranfer switch or AMF) are also available in different powers from 5 to 2000 kVA, both single-phase and three-phase. Some types of ATS switchboards can coordinate the operation of two or more generators in parallel. Thanks to the switchboards, the genset can be set to start automatically when the power supply fails;
- Control boards: the control boards are the brain of the genset: depending on the type they are automatic or manual. Also available as spare parts;
- Water heaters: they are used to preheat the water in the genset so that it starts up without problems even in winter time;
- Oil heaters: concept and functionality very similar to water heaters;
- Cables for parallel connection: they are used to connect two current generators of the same model in order to double the available power;
- maintenance kit: every 300 hours it is advisable to do an ordinary maintenance of your generator set: thanks to this accessory you have all the spare parts you need to do it;
- Road trolleys that can be homologated: they are widely used by civil protection or road maintenance companies. Thanks to these accessories you can transport your genset on the road and move it even for long distances;
- Slow towing trolleys: unlike the previous ones, it is not possible to use them on roads, they are used to make small movements inside a building site or a production site;
- Handles and wheels kit for manual transport: thanks to this accessory you can easily transport heavy power generators even over 100 kilos for short distances;
- Liquid collection tanks for generating sets: they must be ordered in production together with the generating set. They are used to prevent that, in case of small leaks, the fuel, coolant or oil inside the genset will end up on the ground and pollute;
- Topping up kit from external reservoir: In case the genset is placed near external tanks or cisterns, it will be possible to top up the fuel in an easy and fast way.
For your convenience, almost all these spare parts and accessories are already combined with the genset that support them.