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Mecc Alte is a global group with manufacturing and sales facilities in Italy, the UK, China and India. Each facility focuses on the production of a specific range of high quality alternators. The entire production cycle takes place at the plants of Mecc Alte SpA and Mecc Alte Power Products in Italy (1 - 5,000kVA), Mecc Alte UK in Great Britain (1 - 3,000kVA), Mecc Alte Haimen in China (7.5 - 3,000kVA) and Mecc Alte India in Pune India (6.5 - 420 kVA). This network of factories is further supported by fully owned subsidiaries based in Australia, France, Germany, Singapore, Spain and the United States, which specialise in the sales, distribution and after-sales of all Mecc Alte products on site. The vertically integrated production structure allows you to have control over everything we do: from the sheet metal blanking process to the final electronics.