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Photovoltaic panels for sale on Man.El.Service


Solar and photovoltaic panels for sale: solar panels are used to produce hot water using solar energy, while photovoltaic panels produce electricity by connecting them to a special integrated circuit. Warning: the panels are not available for sale online, as they require a preliminary design made by a specialized technician. They are available for motorhomes and caravans and boats, or with a separate structure, which allows a temporary installation directly on the ground.

What is a photovoltaic panel?

In energy engineering, a photovoltaic module (also called a photovoltaic panel) is an optoelectronic device, composed of photovoltaic cells, capable of converting incident solar energy into electrical energy by means of a photovoltaic effect, typically used as a current generator in a photovoltaic system. It can be mechanically pre-assembled to form a photovoltaic panel, a practical fall into disuse with the progressive increase in the size of the modules, which have in fact incorporated the purposes. It can be aesthetically similar to the solar thermal panel, but, although both have solar energy (solar radiation) as a primary energy source, have different purposes and operation. Both are sometimes referred to simply by the generic name of "solar panel".

There are also items related to these panels such as inverters for solar panels, please contact us for more information.