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Lawnmowers that allow you to make your lawn perfect in a comfortable and fast way. The lawnmowers can be powered by petrol engine, electric cable or cordless battery.

Self-propelled or push lawnmower, depending on the model varies the number of forward speeds, and the possibility of mulching.
This feature allows you to say goodbye to grass harvesting bags: if used correctly, the mulching system not only shaves the grass, but also shaves it, making it become nourishment for your lawn!

MIIMO robotic lawn mowers

Miimo HRM 40, the HONDA robotic lawnmower, is the latest addition to the Miimo family: Miimo HRM 40 is a smart robotic lawnmower, perfect for mowing even the smallest lawns. Great in performance, it is easy to set up and offers many new features.

The easiest way to always have a perfect lawn
The HONDA Miimo HRM 40 robotic lawnmower has a simple 4-step configuration process that will map the layout of your garden, calculate its dimensions and create a cutting calendar that adapts to the specific situation. HONDA Miimo HRM 40 will return to base in time to recharge, then resume cutting where it left off.

Spare parts

For your comfort, every lawnmower is already equipped with the accessories and spare parts supported.
We are also at your disposal for many spare parts: contact us indicating the part you are interested in replacing, the model of lawnmower and its serial number and we will give you a private offer.

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