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720,00 € - 15.765,00 €
Snowthrowers - International Sales and Shipping | Man.El.Service

Snow blowers and snow throwers

Snow blower for sale, compact, lightweight and easy to handle even in difficult weather conditions. Perfect for both domestic and professional use.

Snow blowers and snow throwers for sale on our Honda catalogue perfect for every occasion both for domestic and professional use even in difficult weather conditions. The range of Honda snow blowers and snow throwers is divided into: Mono-stage, Series 6, 7, 9, 13, Hybrid range.

The Honda single-stage snow blower that we offer for sale is lightweight, robust and very easy to handle designed to shovel snow quickly and effectively around the house, on the terrace, in the yard, on rough or smooth surfaces.
Honda 6 Series snow blowers and snow throwers are compact and high performance and can shovel more snow and throw it further than a single-stage snow thrower. These machines are also suitable for domestic use in small spaces such as courtyards and driveways, plus the two-stage system offers exceptional performance with a machine that is economical and easy to use.
The 7 Series for sale in our catalogue are powerful and thanks to an advanced hydrostatic transmission, as well as many other Honda innovations, you won't have to fear the winters.
The 9 Series, thanks to its top-of-the-range features, is suitable for moving snow up to 51 cm. These snow blowers are perfectly at ease even when it feels like all the snow in the world has fallen on you. In such cases, these snow blowers are just the perfect solution for shovelling up to 50 tons of snow per hour.
If you have a mountain of snow in front of you then you can only rely on Honda 13 Series snow blowers and snow throwers. These with a throwing distance of 17 meters and a powerful and reliable 4-stroke engine are able to move everything in case of heavy snowfall.
Finally in our catalogue you can also find the hybrid solution that combines the unique electric power of the 4-stroke engine with intelligent electronic control systems. With this machine you can remove snow from a 30 cm surface in less than six minutes.
You can also find protective covers and snow chains for Honda snow blowers in the accessories section, or directly related to the suitable product.