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HIGH PRESSURE SRL manufactures a wide range of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic reverse osmosis systems on a 2500 square meters area in the south of Milan (Italy).

HP is a ONE STOP SHOP with quality products for all reverse osmosis system manufacturers, custom RO controllers, sensors, feed pumps, high pressure pumps, GRP and AISI 316 Pressure Vessels for any type and pressure, custom membranes, pressure control valves up to 100 bar (RP TRONIC SYSTEM), low and high pressure fittings and hoses. 

HP produces plants from 35 up to 30000 lt/h and are available in any kind of voltage (AC-DC), for any kind of use. HP HIGH PRESSURE SRL is certified ISO 9001 and designs in 3D with the help of AUTODESK INVENTOR, all desalinators in production, taking care of every single detail, making 80% of the components of the machines in the production facilities of Zibido San Giacomo.

Every single machine is carefully assembled and tested to meet the increasingly demanding quality standards.