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HONDA WX 15 Lightweight Water Pump

HONDA WX 15 Lightweight Water Pump



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Type of pump: Lightweight pump
Type of liquid treated: Clean water
Fuel: Petrol
Debris size capacity (mm): 5
Engine: Honda GXH50, 4 tempi, OHV
Starting: Manual
Total head (m): 40
Maximum output capacity (L/min): 240
Suction head (m): 8
Inlet diameter thread type (mm/inches): 40 - 1" ½
Outlet diameter thread type (mm/inches): 40 - 1" ½
Pressure (bars): 4
Operating time (hours): 1.30
Length (mm): 325
Widht (mm): 275
Height (mm): 375
Dry weight (Kg): 9

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EngineHonda GXH50, 4 stroke, OHV
Engine rpm (rpm)7000
Starting systemManual
Engine capacity (cm³)49
Number cylinders1
Oil capacity (L)0.25
CoolingForced air
Bore x stroke (mm)41.8 x 36
Net power (kW)1.6 KW (2.1 HP) / 3600 rpm
Pump typeLightweight Pump
Fluid typeClean water
Height of suction (m)8
Maximum output capacity (Lt/min)240
Pressure (bars)4
Debris size capacity (mm)5.7
Total head (m)40
Fuel tank capacity (L)0.77
Consumption (L/h)0.51
Running time (h)1.5
Acoustic power103 dB(A)
Acoustic pressure88 dB(A)
Length (mm)325
Width (mm)275
Height (mm)375
Dry weight (Kg)9
Super silencedNo
Engine manufacturerHonda

Compact, easy to transport, with commercial grade GX engines - our Lightweight pumps can provide power in the toughest conditions

As you’d expect from a Honda, our water pump engines are reliable, have low emissions and low vibration – automatic decompression makes them so quick and easy to start. To keep everything in check, the WX 15 also has an Oil Alert™. This prevents engine damage by automatically shutting the unit down if the oil drops below a safe level.

What makes our Lightweight water pumps so effective is the craftsmanship of the hose seals and O-rings – they ensure air can't be drawn in, which causes the all important vacuum to be lost. The impeller-to-volute clearance has also been designed in this way. It all means they not only have an impressive flow rate and pressure – but they can keep it up; they can go for up to 1h30 before you need to add more petrol.

The name Lightweight refers only to their size, not power – they can move up to 240 litres a minute. Perfect for simple jobs. It’s made possible by their hard-working 4-stroke engines that push out up to 7000 rpm; that’s pretty exceptional for their size.

Hard as nails
If water gets near the engine, things can quickly gush downhill. Our Lightweight water pumps use mechanical seals – they’re hard-wearing and durable, and keep the water away. These pumps can also handle small bits of debris up to 3mm in size – there's a strainer to make sure nothing bigger gets through.

Pushing power
Also known as ‘total head’, it’s the maximum height the pump can force water from start to finish. Our Trash pumps can push it up to 30m – that’s around the length of three double decker buses parked end to end. And the further you can pump the water, the less it’ll weigh on your mind.

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