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    w_agroSince 2001, pioneering inventors of this revolutionary way to generate power, AgroWatt ® produce synchronous p.t.o. (power-take-off) generators including over 50 models up to 93 kVA: the most complete range in the market.

    The connection to the tractor is simple and direct. The lack of a diesel engine and the very low need for maintenance make them the most economical and efficient alternative to traditional generating-sets: pto generators are supplied directly by the tractor engine!

    AgroWatt models are performing and compact: (1) AC Alternator with IP23 or IP44 protection degree, control panel, protection devices (for users and connected equipment) and AVR electronic board for automatic voltage regulation (2) Steel frame with 3-point-connection to the tractor (patented Italian design) (3) Gear-box.

  • AMA

    ama spaAMA SPA is a world leading manufacturer of fuel storage and refuelling systems. Our products range from bulk fuel (diesel, petrol, jet fuel) and water installations for rapid deployment up to semi permanent and permanent solutions, including metal tanks, collapsible storage tanks and containerized storage and/or dispensing systems.



    In an area covering 32.000 sqm, Ausonia designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of standard gensets solutions in the range from 5 kVA to 3000 kVA for each single unit.

  • AXO

    axo groupOver the years, AXO Group has specialised in transforming traditional products into low environmental impact machines for agriculture, gardens and industry. Machines 100% made in Italy: generators for work, home and recreation, PTO cardan generators, internal combustion engines with displacement up to 680 cm³, operating machines for small construction sites, water pumps for life in the countryside and business.


    beltrameBELTRAME CSE has been operating for over 35 years in the complex sectors of electronic components for energy production. It designs, builds and maintains plants and power plants to specifications, guiding and advising its customers in the choice of materials and technical solutions best suited to their needs.


    biemmedueBiemmedue is the global leader in the design and production of space heaters, professional dehumidifiers, and industrial cleaning machines.

  • CGM

    cgmC.G.M. Genreating Sets, was founded in 1980 in Arzignano, in the province of Vicenza, to design, build and assist in the operation and maintenance of various models of generator for the supply of electricity. CGM products are manufactured in various sizes and with different powers depending on the use, to meet the needs of various sectors such as industry, trade and services.
    For years CGM has been exporting its generating sets from the Veneto region to all of Italy and other countries in the world.
    The C.G.M. range also offers cardan generators, motor welders and light towers.


    COELMO has been designing and manufacturing Industrial and Marine Generating Sets from 3 to 3000 kVA since 1946.

    With three production plants, an integrated management of design and production, a vast network of distributors and international workshops, COELMO is able to produce Generating Sets for any type of application and to provide after-sales service almost anywhere, at any time.

Showing 1 - 12 of 62 items