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Rated STC power of the Pmax system (Wp): 3120 (-0 / +5%)
Typical energy production on a beautiful summer day (kWh): up to 20 kWh/day/MobilPV
Typical energy production on an average day (kWh) 8.5 kWh/day/MobilPV
Typical average energy production in June in southern Germany (kWh): 15 kWh/day/MobilPV
Nominal voltage Umpp at STC 25°C: 93.3 V
Nominal current Impp at STC 25°C: 2 x 16.75A
Temperature coefficient Pmpp (%/°C): -0,39
Cells: Polycrystalline silicon
Typical assembly time: approx. 10 minutes
Typical system orientation: East-West or North-South
Length of connection cables (m): 20
Phoenix Contact SunClix Output Connectors
CE marking
Protective functions Mechanical protection of the modules, burglar alarm
Operating temperature range: -40°C - 70°C
Dimensions - Closed (m): 1.2 x 0.8 x 1.9
Dimensions of open PV field (m): 10.25 x 2.22 x 0.45
Weight (kg): 480
MobilPV mechanical warranty: 2 years
Product warranty modules: 10 years
Modules power warranty: 25 years

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Nominal power STC of system Pmax (Wp)3120
Typical production of energy in a beautiful summer day (KWh)Until 20 KWh/day/MobilPV
Average energy production (KWh)8.5 KWh/day/MobilPV
Typical production of energy in June in Southern Germany (KWh)15 KWh/day/MobilPV
Nominal voltage Umpp STC 25°C (V)93.3
Nominal current Impp STC 25°C (A)2 x 16.75 A
Temperature coefficient Pmpp (%/°C)-0.39
Open size (mm)10250 x 2220 x 450
Closed size (mm)1200 x 800 x 1900
Length (mm)10250
Width (mm)2220
Height (mm)450
Dry weight (Kg)480
Cell compositionPolycrystalline Silicon

MobilPV now makes it possible to use photovoltaic technology quickly, reliably and mobilely. Ideal for all applications where diesel supplies are expensive or difficult.
MobilPV is the perfect solution for your MobilHybrid energy system. A MobilPV system produces enough energy to recharge your MobilHybrid up to 2 times in a beautiful day.
The innovative MobilPV folding locking system allows the assembly and disassembly of modules for 2 people in less than 10 minutes. The robustness of the
construction allows protection and safety even in case of frequent transport. The dimensions of a euro pallet simplify handling and storage.
Up to two MobilPV systems can be connected to one MobilHybrid and thus generate up to 40 kWh of clean energy per day.

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