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HONDA Outboard BF 225 XCU iST Drive X long Shaft 165.5 kW 225 Hp 3471 cm³

HONDA Outboard BF 225 XCU iST Drive X long Shaft 165.5 kW 225 Hp 3471 cm³


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Rated power (kW): 165.5
Rated Power (Hp): 225
Displacement: 3471 cm³
Shaft Lenght: X Long
Dry weight (Kg) : 272
Starting system: Electric
Ignition system: Electronic PGM-IG
Control type: Remote
Engine trim and tilt: Electric
Transom height (mm): 635
Length (mm): 920
Width (mm): 625
Height (mm): 1800
Bore x stroke (mm): 89 x 93
Engine producer: Honda
Engine type: SOHC, 4 strokes
Full throttle range (rpm): 5000-6000
Cooling system: Water
Battery charging capacity (A): 60
Propeller rotation: Counter Rotating
iST Drive (Intelligent Shift & Throttle System): Yes

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FuelPGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection)
EngineSOHC V6, 4 tempi
IgnitionElectronic PGM-IG
Starting systemElectric
Engine capacity (cm³)3471
Number cylinders6
CoolingWater (with thermostat)
Bore x stroke (mm)89 x 93
Reduction ratio1.86
Rpm at full throttle (rpm)5000 - 6000
Appearance and engine liftingElectric
Transom height (mm)635
Net power (kW)165.5
Length (mm)920
Width (mm)625
Height (mm)1800
Dry weight (Kg)272

V6 Power with VTEC Technology

The BF225, BF200 and BF175 all come with our V6 engine coupled with Honda VTEC technology (Variable Valve Timing and Lift electronic Control), providing superb performance and fully optomised power delivery thoughtout the rev range.

We’ve brought Honda technology and innovation to our top-flight marine engines, and the result is outstanding performance and superb fuel economy. But to you out on the water, it’s just big, fast fun. These engines pack in many exclusive technologies that make them right at home with recreational, sport and commercial use. They’re NMEA2000® compliant and with Honda’s celebrated reputation for long-term reliability, they’re just what you need behind you when you take off into the blue.

You’ll ride wave after wave of fun with these incredibly compact V6, 3.5 litre engines. High performance is built in, with innovations like VTEC™ – originally developed for Formula One race cars, BLAST™, ECOmo and an array of safety and engine protection features for extra peace of mind. They develop strong, smooth power with good torque delivery from low revs, right through the rev range.

Functional design

Sleek, aerodynamic styling combines nicely with a superior hydrodynamic designed gear case – which gives you better underwater performance at high speed. All wrapped up in bright silver bodywork, these engines not only look fantastic reflecting sunlight off the water, they also look great out of the water too, just hanging off the back of your boat.

Four lines of defence

We first anodise the aluminium casing with our patented ‘Double Seal’ process. Then an epoxy primer is applied before the shimmering silver paint. For further protection from UV rays, we apply a clear resin topcoat to finish. And to be doubly sure, a sacrificial anode is fitted and all connectors are waterproof. Corrosion doesn’t stand a chance.

Introducing Honda Marine’s new iST Intelligent Shift & Throttle

Introducing the new Honda Intelligent Shift and Throttle (iST). Superb control and easy installation are hallmarks of Honda’s new command and control system. iST provides all the features boaters are looking for, including:
-Control of up to 4 engines and 2 control stations
-Effortless shift and throttle control
-Fine tuning of throttle settings at any speed
-Enhanced docking and slow speed control
-User-programmable system defaults
-Simple, easy to understand user interface
-Multi-Engine Applications

For multi-engine installations, the system provides one switch trim control on the throttle handle, trimming all engines simultaneously. Individual trim switches allow for fine tuning each engine’s trim position. The system also provides engine speed synchronization, and single handle control of all engines while synchronized.

Simple Installation

Honda has also made iST easy to install. No programming or special tools - just connect one communication cable between the engine and the helm mounted control head, and you’re done. Adding a second station can be done just as easily. Simply install the second control head and connect cable to the existing system.

-Plug and play, requires no programming or special tools to install
-Stylish modern binnacle control box
-Compact, under the cowl design
-Up to four engine installations
-Near effortless shifting under all conditions
-Intelligent engine RPM synchronization with one handle throttle control
-Master trim control on throttle handle, individual trim controls on head unit for dual engines, and auxiliary panel for triple and quads
-"Slow"" mode for increased throttle control while maneuvering at slow speeds, such as around the dock or a crowded marina
-"Trolling"" mode for incremental RPM adjustments at any speed
-Easy helm control transfer up to two stations

6 years warranty for domestic use, 2 years for professional use.

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