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AXO ACGE 6000M Single Phase Petrol Generator 6 KVA 4.8 KW

AXO ACGE 6000M Single Phase Petrol Generator 6 KVA 4.8 KWView larger
AXO ACGE 6000M Single Phase Petrol Generator 6 KVA 4.8 KW

ACGE 6000M

New product

Single phase Maximum power (kVA): 5
Single phase Maximum power (kW): 4
Single phase Continuous power (kVA): 4.5
Single phase Continuous power (kW): 3.6
Fuel: Petrol
Voltage (Volts): 230 V
Rate (Hz): 50
DC Output (V/A): 12 / 8.3
Fuel carrying capacity (Lt): 6.7
Autonomy (h): 6.7
Noise (dB (A) at 7m): 74
Length (mm): 880
Width (mm): 600
Height (mm): 840
Dry weight (Kg): 78
Engine: Axo
Engine model: Amge 425
Cilindrata (cc): 420
Power (Hp) at 3600 rpm: 15
Rpm speed (rpm): 3000
Engine starting: Electric / Manual
Cooling: Air
Voltage Regulation: Capacitor
Protection degree: IP23
Oil Alert: Yes
Thermal switch: No
Voltmeter: Yes
ATS control unit: No
Battery: No
Two pole residual-current device: No

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PhaseSingle phase
Maximum power single phase (KW)4.8
Continuous power single phase (KW)4.4
Maximum power single phase (KVA)6
Continuous power single phase (KVA)5.5
Frequency (Hz)50
Voltage (V)230
Sockets configuration1 x 220V 16A 2P+T CE - 1 x 220V 32A 2P+T CE
EngineAMGE 425
Engine rpm (rpm)3000
Starting systemElectric 12 Vcc / Manual
Engine capacity (cm³)420
Fuel tank capacity (L)6.7
Consumption (L/h)1.67
Running time (h)4
Acoustic pressure74 dB(A) at 7 m
Length (mm)880
Width (mm)600
Height (mm)840
Dry weight (Kg)78
Super silencedNo
ATS Switch deviceNo
Voltage regulatorCapacitor
Engine manufacturerAxo

Axo ACGE 6000M petrol generator for worksites is equipped with a single-phase alternator designed and
manufactured in Italy. The THD (total harmonic distortion) value is less than 6% and the voltage accuracy is
between +5% and -10%.
The starting capability is greater than 3 times the rated current.


220 V: N.1 CE socket, 16A 2P+E + 1 CE socket, 32 A 2P+E for full power
12 V DC: N.2 screw type banana plugs, one red (+) and one black (-)


220 V: 15 and 25A resettable instantaneous thermal protection (optional: bipolar differential
magneto-thermal switch)
12 V DC: 10A fast fuse

Reading instrument

Electronic LED voltmeter for reading voltage

Recommended use

Powerful electrical equipment, appliances, floodlights and lighting even if sensitive to voltage variations
between no-load and full load.

Added value

Axo ACGE 6000M will not be damaged by an overload because the engine rpm lowers and the voltage drops to values
under the operating limit, thereby preserving the unit and user. Once the load has been verified as excessive,
it needs to be reduced, without stressing the user in overload.

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