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GENMAC ATS-CI 4P 50Hz/60Hz 3PH 380V..400V 90A

GENMAC ATS-CI 4P 50Hz/60Hz 3PH 380V..400V 90AView larger
GENMAC ATS-CI 4P 50Hz/60Hz 3PH 380V..400V 90A


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Maximum three-phase generator power: 62 KVA
Maximum amperes: 90A
Degree of protection: IP65
Supply voltage of AUX circuits: 230V
Colour: RAL 7035
Contactors, with volumetric relay for network detection
Metal case
Depth: 196 mm
Width: 404 mm
Height: 500 mm
Weight: 18.4 Kg

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Protection degreeIP65
Length (mm)196
Width (mm)404
Height (mm)500
Product typeSwitching Frame
Weight (Kg)18.4

structural characteristics:
The switchboards of the ATS-CI and ATS-MI series are automatic switching switchboards
network/group built to be connected to Genmac generators made in
R-Autostart version, i.e. equipped with battery charger and Autostart control unit with
edge. The network/group exchange is carried out through the use of a voltmetric relay
which analyzes network conditions and sends start or shutdown inputs
directly to the generator. Two adjustable timers allow you to delay the
switching between network and group and vice versa. The switchboards are made within
a metal case with a high degree of protection finished with grey powder coatings
ral 7035. The components used are of high quality and tested for high numbers of
maneuvers. The ATS-CI (Automatic Transfer Switch Contactors Intelligent) series includes
Lovato brand contactors mechanically and electrically interlocked. For this
The manual forcing function of the contactor is not provided for in the series. The connections of
power can be achieved by connecting the cables to a special terminal block
(adequately dimensioned according to the power). The ATS-MI series (Automatic
Transfer Switch Motorized Intelligent) provides branded motorized switches
ABB always interlocked with each other. For this series there is the possibility to force
manually the contactor
by means of a special lever provided. Power connections
can be achieved by connecting the cables to a suitable barcode
of copper adequately dimensioned according to the power.
Standard Composition
- Metal case
- Auxiliary circuit cable connection terminal block
- Industrial protection fuses
- Switching status indicator light
- Keyed lock
- Removable cable entry bottom plate
- Wall mounting brackets (up to 400A 3ph)
- Power cable connection terminal blocks (ATS-CI)
- Copper rod for connecting power cables (ATS-MI)
- Interlocked contactors (ATS-CI)
- Interlocked motorized switches (ATS-MI)
- Network control voltmetric relay
- Delay timer for closing the grid
- Delay timer for group closure
- Autostart consent relay.
Reference standards
CEI 1713-1 EN 60439-1, CEI 17-43, CEI 17-52
Reference conditions for indicated characteristics*
- Temperature -10°C to +35°C
- Altitude < 2000m a.s.l.
* For operating conditions above 35°C consult the factors
of derating as set out in the technical documentation. For conditions of
operation below -10°C consult the technical office for dimensioning
preheating devices correctly.

* The data shown are supplied by the manufacturer, ManelService assumes no responsibility for any incorrect values. Take a look at the attached manufacturer's data sheet.

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