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ZEN 30

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Consumpition: 110 W
Power supply: 12 / 24 VDC
Capacity: 30 Lt/h - 7.8 Gal/h
Membranes: n.1 2.5'' x 21''
Length: 715.9 mm
Width: 130 mm
Height: 299.5 mm
Weight: 19 Kg

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Power (W)110
Length (mm)715.9
Width (mm)130
Height (mm)299.5
Feed Type12 / 24 VDC
Capacity (Lt/h)30
Membranesn.1 2.5'' x 21''
Weight (Kg)19

Quite, small, light efficient, inexpensive. Can be installed in all postitions, horizontal as well as vertical.
The indicated flow rates are nominal and therefore can vary by ±20% depending on the actual operating conditions.

Minimum energy consumption
The electric consumption is lower up to 80% respect conventional systems. For instance just 240 W are necessary to produce 60 Lt/h. A Schenker watermaker doesn't need to have either the engine or generator running when making water.

Direct service batteries power supply
Thanks to this high efficiency, Schenker watermakers can be powered even directly from service batteries, without the need for a generator.

Thanks to the low electric consumption the CO2 emissions necessary for making water are lower than 85%. Schenker watermaker allows to produce water and consider the environment.

Automatic pressure regulation
Working simplicity. Thanks to the automatic pressure regulation there are no valves to regulate or operations to carry out. All at the flick of a switch.

Quiet running and vibration free
Schenker watermakers don't make use of high pressure pumps. The result is a very quiet running and vibration free.

Corrosion free materials
The parts of the watermaker in contact with sea water are mainly made with carbon fibre or acetylic resin.The watermaker is totally corrosion free then. Lifetime.

No wearing components
The internal seals of the new 2.0 systems, are made with special frictions bands produced with nanotechnology. This material exhibits a very low friction coefficient, and an incredible resistance to abrasion, up to 15 times greater than carbon steel!

Working principle
Schenker watermakers, as an alternative to the high pressure pumps of traditional systems make use of a new device (Energy Recovery System) that amplifies the pressure supplied by low pressure pumps and recover most of the spent energy. This enables very high energy efficiency. The typical specific electric consumption is 4 Watth/liter only.

The kit includes:
- Watermaker fitted with Energy Recovery System
- Feed pump with filter
- Active carbon filter with electrovalve
- Net filter
- Filters key
- Non return valve
- Fresh water hose (5 meters)
- Remote panel
- Installation kit (assortment of fittings and screws)
- Owner manual

Watermaker functions:
- Automatic pressure regulation
- High pressure block

Remote panel functions:
- Remote start/stop
- Watermaker flushing
- Timer

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