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Binda: hand pumps and more

Binda is an Italian company that designs and manufactures hand pumps and other similar products for pumping.
Binda is involved in the production of the following product categories:
- Hand pumps;
- Motor pumps;
- Electric pumps.

Binda is a leader in the pumping of liquids such as water, oil and also for transferring LPG.
The hand pump is the oldest simple machine in the history of mankind. An example called the Ctesibice Machine was discovered in Bolsena near Rome in the house of Liberio Gallo, and dates from the time of the Roman Empire. Gallo himself was founder of one of the most important Collegia Fabrorum. The Ctesibice Machine is the oldest manual pump found in the classical world.
For 2000 years engineering, in particular Binda's engineering, has developed the know-how related to pumps, up to reach very high performance in terms of head, flow rate, compatibility and reliability. The Binda company, continuing the traditional production of hand pumps, aiming at a constant technological evolution of the product, satisfaction of customer needs, respect for the environment and always guaranteeing an excellent quality/price ratio of its products, has achieved world leadership in the management of fluids by means of manual pumping systems. Binda therefore offers the most complete range of pumps and complementary items available on the international market. Binda, which produces in compliance with RINA regulations and is an official NATO supplier, guarantees the high quality standard of its production thanks to the production and control systems that are processed according to the above mentioned military regulations.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 652 items